About Architecture at Myers Point

The notion of organic architecture was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and popularized by several American architects. Organic or "living" architecture emphasizes five concepts:

  • A structure's inner-space should decide its outside form
  • A building's structure should be the basis of its beauty
  • The character of the homesite is the beginning of the home's character
  • All building materials should be allowed to express their natural beauty and uniqueness
  • Unity of purpose, design and composition creates a building's harmony

Appropriately, Myers Point has been designed to accommodate organically inspired and inspiring homes for discriminating residents. Homes built at Myers Point will require approval of the Architecture Design Review Board to ensure a harmonious community for all owners.

The Gooch House

Designed by noted architectural firm Maurice Jennings + David McKee, the Gooch House (pictured above) is located at Myers Point. It was built by Gooch-Beasley as a faithful example of organic architecture.

Architects: E. Fay Jones, Maurice Jennings, David McKee
Builder: Perry Gooch, Gooch-Beasley

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